A Girl and a Flower

Monday 4 March 2013 0 responses

Talk about two things being placed on Earth and being meant for each other. What better suited combination than girls and flowers. One way to prove my point would be to think of things like flower girl baskets. I have never heard of flower boy baskets, have you? Another thing would be the fact that there are many girls' names that are derived from flowers. I don't know too many guys named Rose or Daisy. Let's face it, the fairer sex has a whole lot more to compare with the beauty exhibited by flowers than men do. Sometimes I wonder if some of the names of flowers came from the female or the flower. The history of how names came about has always interested me. I was told that many of my ancestors were given the wrong names on their papers when they came from Europe and were processed through at Ellis Island in New York. Supposedly, the names of the cities they came from were mistakenly inserted on forms as their last names instead of their actual names. They had no choice but to keep these cities' names because their visas were used to identify them and confirm their legal presence in this country. Consequently many of us are here with the wrong names and may never know our real names. As time went by this was corrected, but some of the original immigrants never changed their names to their family names. Getting back to women and flowers having more in common than men and flowers, I am only a voice of one. If you disagree, so be it. The world even says that woman old and young can dress like flowers. Take a close look at fashion all through the years and I think you'll be forced to see I'm right. I don't remember when I last wore pastel pants or lavender shoes. My closet does not harbor sixty-five pairs of shoes. I get my hair cut, not colored and styled. Don't think for one second that I am knocking women. I am definitely a guy who wouldn't be able to live without them. This especially applies to my lovely wife of forty-eight years. Besides, my granddaughter is the absolute indisputable joy of my life. Talk about girls and flowers being akin to each other, she is a special flower.

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