Charming Boxes

Friday 15 March 2013 0 responses

I love to see innovation. I don't particularly care what field it is in, I simply enjoy positive change. I feel that it is in our nature to make things better as often as we can. I am a freak for things like all the techie stuff the new cars are equipped with. I even go as far as to finding the advent of wedding favor boxes to be charming. You can imagine how much fun it is for someone like myself to absorb all the incredible special effects in movies these days. I have no clue how most of these things are done. I simply sit back and root for them to keep coming. I think it was in the original "Terminator" film that they had the scene of the character coming up from the checker board floor. Let me tell you that I was totally blown away by the computer effects used in that film. From the simplest changes to the most intricate one, I am the world's biggest fan. Don't get me wrong. There are negative changes as well. I would like to remind you that I did say I love positive change. It must also be said that there are traditions and customs that I hope will never change. I have a long list of what I hope never changes. Things like peace, love and charity headline that list.

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