Jimmy's Favors

Saturday 30 March 2013 0 responses

If you were fortunate enough to be invited to Jimmy's wedding you would have been in for a great treat. Jimmy was always the town clown. He thought up the zaniest ideas to get a laugh. The good thing was that none of his pranks were ever at anyone else's expense. He was more often than not generous to a fault. It is obvious that the same held true when he decided, along with his bride, what to give as wedding favors. He was never one to be motivated by money. His revenue is laughter and having a fun time. This was also the main attraction between him and his bride Melanie. She was of the same ilk. I would venture to guess that the cost their favors rivaled the total of every other expense for the wedding. This by no means says that the wedding reception wasn't top notch. Most people in town do not know that Jimmy was a prolific best selling author. I will not reveal his pen name at this time at his request. I don't think Melanie knew it until she accepted his proposal. People are beginning to question where the money came from to afford these incredible favors. I am sworn to secrecy. Being his best man, I will go to my grave before I leak it out to anyone in town. I think I better not even say what the favors were. They might serve as a clue to the titles of his books.

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