Your Boxes or Mine

Tuesday 5 March 2013 0 responses

Leonard could be the poster child for thrift. He finds every single way to cut corners. If there is a penny to be saved, he will sniff it out. Now that he has broken down and decided to propose marriage to Helen, he has really become a super snoop. You could walk through the park in the city square and find that every leaf that has fallen all autumn long has been overturned. Yes, he was there. He is the only city dweller I have known to be a carrier of a Geiger Counter to comb the city streets for coins. In high school we dubbed him "Ebey" short for Ebenezer for obvious reasons. If he were running the government, China would owe us money. He has actually been known to squeeze blood from a stone. Enough about Ebey. As fate would have it he fell in love with Helen. Helen spends more money in a beauty salon in one visit than Donald Trump spends on jet fuel. I can't wait to see how this works out. I heard from Helen's girlfriend that they were working on paring down the items on the things to do for their wedding. This would be like me challenging Euclid to a math battle. He wanted to have a vegetarian dinner served. She wanted Chateau Briand. He wanted to use his I-pod for music. She put in a call for Coldplay. It went on and on that way. The only thing she agreed with eliminating was the wedding favor boxes. What's funny is, the reason she went along with that was he wanted to use the boxes his brother had left over from his wedding ten years ago. What Leonard doesn't know is that Helen is about to inherit an obscene amount of money and all her requests aren't just to bug him. She will get what she wants. I only found out about her bonanza recently from her same girlfriend. We will find out in the near future whether Leonard really respects the dollar, like he says or will he jump on the philanthropist's band wagon when the slot machine pays the jackpot? My money is on the money. It has its way of dominating things. I hope Helen doesn't go too wild with the Benjamins. If I'm wrong about Ebey and he remains frugal, watching her in action could give him a heart attack.

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