Wedding Melee

Tuesday 19 March 2013 0 responses

The song goes like this, "If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife." Never before was that better advice than when David chose Martha to be his wife. She was so alluring that this guy went through endless confrontations with all the ogling and the remarks he so often overheard. Their courtship was like a minefield. David was an attractive guy but always felt like he was in over his head when in public with Martha. She in no way flaunted her beauty. She didn't have to. She would look fabulous wrapped up in a roll of tar paper. David began to mellow out in his way of handling of her getting so much attention. Then the wedding day came. Everything was going like it should. The ceremony was warm and tender. The reception was rolling along from the toasts to the cake. Dinner was way above average and the music was fun. As the evening sailed along and the open bar was creating comedians and lovers, the popular tradition of the wedding garters was approaching. When it came time for Martha to remove the garter, David began to slip back into protective mode. This was definitely spurred on by about three of the onlookers who had more than a few drinks and more than a few comments regarding Martha. In a matter of seconds a melee of all melees broke out. Suffice it to say it ended up terribly. The honeymoon had to be postponed pending the time it would take for David's wounds to heal. He wasn't the only one hurting. In addition there was the matter of reparation for the damage done to the reception hall.

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