You Are Invited To Our Wedding

Wednesday 20 March 2013 0 responses

It was very difficult living under the looming lies told to my daughter by an evil but cunning adversary of mine and my wife's. For nearly seven years we were victims of the viciousness of this sub-human individual whose purpose in life was to ruin ours. To this day, we have no idea why he holds this vendetta toward us. We never knew exactly how he convinced our daughter that whatever we did was done directly to ruin her life. Fortunately for the world at large, this demon was electrocuted on the job and can no longer spread his evil. Three months after the incident, my wife tought it to be an opportunity to get some answers as to what went down those seven years ago. She attempted to reach Mary four or five times, to no avail. Then I got the idea that her best friend Lexi would possibly intervene. Lexi said she was sworn to secrecy but never agreed with Mary's accepting anything this demon could say as the truth. Here we had a friend believing us, but not our daughter. This intensified the tragedy in my mind. Although it was still a big plus to know that Lexi was on our side. We finally had a crack in the ice. She apparently got to Mary on some level because Mary contacted her mother and requested a meeting. My wife broke down with a river of tears. They met and Mary said she must have been out of her mind doubting us and would not reveal what this creature had told her. She parted by saying she just mailed out her wedding invitations and there was one in the mail for us.

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