Monday 20 April 2009 6 responses


Life used to be about the magic

Life was once about the wonder

We ruled the earth

Nothing could stop us

Our oyster awaited

Life grew to be about surviving

Life developed into making it

Work ruled our existence

Our freedom usurped

Old age awaited

Life used to be about surviving

Now it is about enjoyment

Magic rules our world

Life is full of wonder

Our dreams await

Life survives because of the magic

© Bernard J Rossi
Author & Poet

Bernard J. Rossi has been writing in one form or another for almost 30 years and over that time his writing experiences have been in many diverse areas including technical, short stories, poems and a number of books.
His first short story published was Michael’s Birthday (1991).
Bernard has poems published in many anthologies, most notably “The International Who’s Who in Poetry” and another international publication, “The Best Poems and Poets of 2007.”
His most recent achievements in writing longer works have been the publication of Room 22 in late 2007 and Arlington Reef in early 2008 and Bernard has two completed manuscripts awaiting publication, The Bloodline and The Spiral, which is the sequel to Room 22.
Bernard’s latest work is different from all his previous works and is an exciting move into an intriguing direction.

Bernard J Rossi
Room 22
Arlington Reef

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