New Toppers

Friday 29 March 2013 0 responses

I have spent the best part of the last thirty years in foreign lands. My job as a researcher for a major oil company has allowed me to experience thousands of new things. It is really exciting to watch how different cultures celebrate different events. Sometimes I feel like I am a walking National Geographic magazine. I have been to the far corners of the globe, testing and seeking oil reserves. Now that I am retired and back in the US, I am observing many of the changes that have taken place here. One thing that isn't exactly monumental but very interesting is the advent of the new wedding cake toppers. I really get a kick out of the creativity that goes into them. No longer is the standard, hand-holding bride and groom the only thing atop the cake. Today they have an actual theme up there. I am only back a short while so I anticipate seeing many new ideas, since I believe we are a fast moving, ever-changing society. My only regret is a big one. I really miss having the family I might have had if I were stationed here at home. I have two siblings and five nieces and nephews, but I wish I had a wife and children of my own. I guess I should just be thankful for the family I do have.

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