Wednesday 21 November 2007 4 responses

A feeling touches me now and again; a feeling which I have no idea where it came from, save for the sense that it came from the Universe, the Heaven's above...

In the wake of this feeling I am left with wonder, joy, and, encouragement. It simply makes me feel good and strong...

I am left feeling like I can face anything, and, that I can do so with strength and wisdom. It is one of those feelings for which there are no explanations. It is like a tiny manifestation which turns into a whole being experience. Sometimes it moves me to tears. Other times it just moves me to action. And still other times it leads me to understanding of that which was perplexing me...

The Heavenly realm and the experiences it lends to human life is beautiful. It is nothing which we will comprehend. We merely accept it as a gift and move forward with its moving presence...

Such things build the spirit. Such things confirm faith, belief, and, perseverance. It is the answering of prayers. It is the love of the Creator (GOD), and, it is well received by me...

© Lynda Winsor

My name is Lynda Winsor. I am a published poet and an aspiring writer. I am working on a collection of poetry, dealing with love and religion. I can't wait to get it published! I have been writing since I was 13 years old, and, one of the first pieces I ever wrote got published in the newspaper. One of my teachers submitted it without me knowing and then surprised with it. Imagine how happy I was.
Writing is what I do and love. It is an intricate part of me such as is my faith. I am no angel, but, without God in my life, I would not be...
Always moving forward, never looking back. I am perfectly imperfect and accept that as my design. I seek improvement and knowledge in every way, but, I am grown enough to know that I will never be perfect so I do the best I can do with what I have. I believe in myself and in love. I also believe that the past is the moment which just went by and that the future begins in the present, therefore, what you do at this moment is imperative to tomorrow. I also believe and practice that life is about love, respect, honor, and integrity. If you live in each of these characteristics then you should be able to ever grow, all the while touching lives of others...

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Thursday 15 November 2007 5 responses

Image - courtesy of Ærchie

Softly out of focus,

the colour

of lipsticked kisses

brings back memories

from the past

renewing old longings

through old eyes

and floral scents

reviving ancient urges.

© Ærchie

I've had more than six decades on Earth as a Western Australian and
played cricket for more than four of those decades. No profession but a
range of occupations and am now a trainee retiree doing a little
teaching. Technically separated with three children and seven
grandchildren, I am an addicted genealogist with a special interest in
social history. Reading voraciously (currently favouring what I call
"Celtic Fantasy") I have, for the past five years, rarely had a camera
out of reach. I write soppy love poems and extremely filthy limericks. I
blog incessantly as a way of learning the discipline of writing. I have
been Ærchie since shortly after finding the internet a decade ago
because I am bored with my common, given name. Oh, and I pun a lot -
love this language with which we are blessed.


Boyd Diane Lynda

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The family book club

Monday 12 November 2007 7 responses

The book Club
Wall Poster
Ira McCully

A handful of women
sitting around the table
sipping tea
discussing books

wise women
bearing ideas as well as children
dispensing wisdom
aiding each other

from thirty to seventy
not a sarcastic voice
no testerone needed here
so much caring and admiration

the current book is discussed for moments
but love and solidarity is theirs forever
mostly descended from a mutual grandmother
but enhanced by overwhelming respect

solving problems
no petty jealousies
just delight in individual strengths
dynamic women

sitting around the table
sipping tea
discussing books
saving the world

© Maureen Vellucci

About Maureen
I am a wife of a cranky hubby..mother of two sons and grandmother of three perfect grandchildren...I wish I could master this blogging to read...and make new friends..visit anytime...and if you can teach me would be wonderful..Maun

Visit Maureen at Maunie James

Poster - courtesy
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Art as Investment

Thursday 8 November 2007 7 responses

It seems to me that investing in Fine Art is still a very profitable business........
Here are some of the stories making the news recently.....

Hugh ditches Liz as art world holds its breath
A s the autumn round of art auctions gets underway in New York, none will be so closely studied for clues to the direction of the market as Christie's carefully curated Faces in Art - Iconic Portraiture on November 13.... more

Warhol's Taylor to sell for $25m... more

Hugh Grant set to make £15m from the sale of his 'other Elizabeth'
The last time Hugh Grant parted with a girl called Liz, some speculated that the damage to his reputation could cost him millions.... more

The Ming Dynasty painting, Red Cliff Handscroll, by Qiu Ying
(Reuters: China Daily)

Ming painting sells for record $11.5 million....... more

My latest Movie Review at laketrees

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Birthday Greeting for three terrific gals !!!!!

Saturday 3 November 2007 7 responses

to ....Lisa and Pearl who have celebrated their birthdays recently and to Diane who is celebrating her birthday this weekend......

may all your dreams come true !!!!!!!!


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