Quite A Wedding

Wednesday 20 March 2013 0 responses

It isn't every day that commoners like myself get the opportunity to attend the wedding of very notable people. I have seen many spectacular affairs given for everything from birthdays to testimonials. Unfortunately, they were only on my TV. Now I was about to experience how the other half (maybe tenth) live. To begin with, it was a wedding reception I was attending. I got the invite through quite a fluke. It turned out that the bride was a student of my father and had promised him an invite to her wedding before she even knew the guy she would marry. In the interim, dad had passed away and I replied on his behalf and told her the bad news. She, upon receipt of my reply, suggested that I attend in his memory. She went on about how he meant so much to her and that he would be happy to know I was there in his place. I excitingly agreed. The invitation was a work of art and the address for the reception was hard to believe. It was actually at the estate of a well known billionaire. Soon after, I received a communication telling me there would be a limo escorting me to the wedding. This was really getting exciting. What really blew my mind was that upon entering the gates of the estate, we had to drive almost a mile to get to the actual party room. When it came time for the wine wedding favors to be doled out, I sat back and tried to absorb the evening. When I arrived home, I opened my favor and stared down at a bottle of Crystal champagne. I'll never open it.

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