Wedding Cakes

Saturday 30 March 2013 0 responses

Let me see now. Flour is still one of the least expensive commodities at the supermarket. Then there's sugar which is somewhat reasonable. They follow these two up with a few eggs, butter and maybe some chocolate and raspberries. They mix them all together and end up with about a thirty or forty pound cake in three or four tiers. Next they pile up the tiers and prepare them to be iced. Lately, the word fondant has become popular(the more French words used, the more expensive the cake). Now the master decorator enters. If he or she is French, you are really in trouble. After the decorating is complete, the special selection from the array of wedding cake toppers is placed atop the cake. The masterpiece is ready for its presentation at the wedding reception. Pardon me, I left out one minute detail. The father of the bride is discretely handed the invoice for this creation. Three short minutes later, he is revived with smelling salts and the contract is just about complete. He calls his real estate broker and inquires about second mortgage rates. Well it isn't all that bad. Instead of the motorcycle he was planning on buying, he has a big cake. Who ever thought some flour, sugar, butter and eggs etc. would cost as much as the bike.

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