No Favors Here

Friday 29 March 2013 0 responses

Life has its way of having you think that whatever evil or wrong doing that happens to you is unique to only you. All you have to do is pick up one newspaper or go online to one news site and this theory gets blown to smithereens. We are all subject to an endless list of maladies. Just the other day, my neighbor was burglarized. He came home and found his apartment in shambles. He was planning to move into his fiancees house right after the wedding. He had just about nothing of value in the apartment. Whoever the idiot was that broke in was probably very upset that the only things of value there were the inexpensive wedding favors. They were torn and strewn all over the bedroom and indicated the frustration of the moron that intruded. My neighbor decided to go public with the fact that this person had the IQ of a baboon. He figured if he insulted him or her enough he or she might tip their hand and expose themselves. The local TV station loved the idea and aired it for three nights. They are still waiting for some form of slip up so they can throw this animal into a cage where he or she belongs. They are referring to the thief as "The Favor King."

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