Favorite Bags

Tuesday 19 March 2013 0 responses

The first time I heard about wedding favor bags, I thought they were giving out purses and pocketbooks. I never thought they were talking about the need to bag the favors. As time went on, I warmed up to the idea. This happened mostly because my cousin Shelly gave out her favors in a tote bags from Yankee Stadium. Now that girl knew how to get my attention. They were in good old Yankee blue and white and had photos of A-Rod and Jeter on either side. They will always remain my favorite bags ever. The problem was that her wedding was in Boston. If anything would cause a riot at a wedding it would be the mingling of Yankee and Sox fans. As they say in the Big Apple, "This girl has chutzpah!" To compound the tension, the reception was held during a playoff series between the two most intense rivals in the game of baseball. The Yankees were in town with a two game to none lead in the series. I already had my tie and jacket removed anticipating the extra-curricular activity to come. Then suddenly she pulled out another box of favors in Red Sox bags. You could feel the anxiety taper off by the second. I will tell you without reservation that if this girl ever runs for public office, I'll throw my hat(a Yankee hat) in the ring to be her campaign manager. By the way, the TV was blasting at the reception with the game on that night and my Yankees lost in extra innings.

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