The Biggest Event

Friday 29 March 2013 0 responses

Putting together an event for a clothing manufacturer is about ten times as difficult as one might deem it to be. This is especially true when the venue is in the Big Apple. You know that the spotlight is very exposing when you are in the arena with the big boys. The biggest event of my life was about to happen. We had three months to do a years work. This was one of those moments in your work that absolutely would define your career. No room for mistakes in this gigantic scenario. I gathered my crew and laid it on the line. I told them that this was it and I had zero tolerance for mistakes and certainly wouldn't listen to any excuses. Failure was definitely not an option. I said if there are any complaints or new ideas, I needed to know them NOW! Jennifer, the newest member of my crew raised her hand. She sweetly and so quietly whispered "May I ask a question?" I sort of heard her and approved her request. She said "Why don't you use event management software?" I felt like an idiot but I had to pretend I knew of what she spoke. I walked her into my private office and grilled her. Today she is the youngest vice president in my company and will have my appreciation until my dying day. The event was a huge success and we finished with plenty of time to spare.

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