What's a Practice Worth?

Monday 25 March 2013 0 responses

I have a hard time comprehending how companies like NAPB come up with an accurate valuation for their clients. I, in no way, am doubting their fine reputation. I am simply in the dark as to how they do it. When you consider the variables involved, this can not be a simple process. The task of coming up with a dental practice valuation involves several aspects. To start with there is the profit and loss statement of the practice. Then there is the collection of contracts that are needed for the employment of all the professionals. I wonder if they have a set value for the stations or chairs the practice has. The biggest item the way I see it is the reputation and public acceptance of the principals. The word in the industry, as far as I have been hearing, is that NAPB are masters at coming up with the fairest possible price for both the buyers and the sellers. In real estate, the saying is "A property is only worth what someone will pay for it." I don't see it working that way when it comes to selling something in the medical field that so much more dependent on who the seller is as opposed to what is being sold.I guess it always comes down to leaving each person to his or her individual talent and being thankful it exists.

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