Big Bags Small Favors

Saturday 30 March 2013 0 responses

The old saying that expensive things come in small packages just gained a little more validity at my uncle's wedding. Uncle Stan has recently walked down the aisle for the fifth time. The great thing is that he acts like each marriage is the first. He pays more in alimony than Donald Trump. Not only does he have a devil-may-care attitude regarding the alimonies, he also spares no expense on the weddings. I wish I knew where all his cash comes from. I guess that is for him to know and for me to find out, or not. He played a trick on everyone by buying little diamond stick pins for the women and diamond cufflinks for the men as his favors at this last wedding. He bought these huge wedding favor bags and stuffed them with tissue paper. He gave a speech about good things in small packages and then turned around and distributed these huge bags. At the end of the evening, people were digging into their bags and they discovered these tiny little boxes at the core of the tissue paper. They did receive the valuable gifts as promised, in a small package. It just happened to also be in a large package.

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