Opting for a Ceremony

Thursday 28 February 2013 0 responses

I can't think of anything in someone's life that presents us with more decisions than the process of planning a wedding. You can spend days traveling around tasting cakes. You can go out of your mind selecting floral pieces. You can actually have nightmares while trying to decide who will be in your wedding party. You face the possibility of losing a good friend if your choice offends someone. These are all very stressful options not to mention the safari the bride must go on to pick out her wedding gown. Just about the easiest selection is the groom choosing a tuxedo. Fortunately for him the options aren't to varying. The biggest problem of all is the venue. First the church normally is predetermined by the place of worship frequented by the families over the years. The big dilemma, in my estimation, is the reception hall.If all of this seems overwhelming to you, you're spot on. It certainly can be difficult. To top off the situation, the grand total in good old buckaroos gets to be a staggering amount. My last conversation with a recently married conversation, revealed that the decision to have the candles as the unity ceremony was by far the easiest one for them. They said it was even easier than choosing the tuxedos.

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