Dental Care

Friday 22 March 2013 0 responses

I have been noticing that the dental care segment of health care takes much more initiative in purporting prevention than the rest of general medical industry. What I appreciate is that other than recommending scheduled visits, they spend all this time and effort on things that work against their revenue. I am not saying physicians don't give you warnings and guidelines. I am saying they more or less are more concentrated on cures and treating symptoms as opposed to placing more attention on prevention. Mind you, I am not a scientific source nor have I done any considerable amount of research on these matters. I am only relating a personal observation which may or may not have any substance. Every so often, I see a dental practice for sale, I never see a medical office for sale. This, in its way, supports my theory. I would like to get more involved in some legitimate research into this situation. I don't know if it will serve any real purpose other than affording me the satisfaction of discovering how close I am to the facts. I don't anticipate my study will affect anything. I just feel that if any attention at all is brought to it, there could be a possible refocusing done from all the good and conscientious doctors, I know are out there.

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