A Dallas Roof

Saturday 23 March 2013 0 responses

I find it interesting that probably the most important part of our homes is almost never thought of and very infrequently seen. I am talking about our roofs. My brother-in-law works for a Dallas roofing company and says he is amazed at how many styles and different materials there are to select from for their clients. He had been working in the land development area of construction prior to moving to Dallas. He said it was difficult learning an entirely new trade. It worked out because he is a naturally gifted craftsman. After only eight months in roofing he is now a crew leader and is really pleased that he made the transition. His company, JNT Developers is regarded as the best of the best and he loves the way they treat the homeowners. He works mainly in residential roofing but the company is involved in commercial roofing as well. Being a New Jersey girl, my sister has taken just about all of those eight months to adjust to her new life in Texas. She is expecting her third child and wants my wife and I to come to Dallas to be the baby's godparents. The last time I was in Texas was when I went to the US Army's pharmacy school in San Antonio many years ago. I wonder if Dallas is similar. I guess I'll find out. The baby is due in three months.

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