The Wedding Toast

Saturday 16 March 2013 0 responses

When the invitation to a distant cousin's wedding arrived in the mail, I couldn't remember his name. It was my wife who thought it rang a bell and that she had it on the tip of her tongue. Within minutes she spouted out "He's your third cousin on your dad's side." I was amazed that she could come up with that. I told her that I didn't see any reason to attend. She said it would be nice to go even if I wasn't that close to him. Her thoughts were that I would be able to see many other relatives while we were there. I agreed and we replied accepting the invitation. Little did I know that he was the CEO of one of the biggest financial institutions in Germany. He was fifty-two years old and marrying for the first time. His wife was all of twenty-six years old and from what she looked like on the internet a stunning beauty. I imagined she would have to be since she was Miss Indiana a short four years ago. A week before the wedding we were sent first class airline tickets and the name of the limo service that would bring us to the wedding. I must say that it was beginning to look like something really exciting. My wife strutted around with one of those "I told you so" looks on her face. Arriving at the church, I was awestruck. I expected Kate and William to be at the altar. The reception was something out of an F.Scott Fitzgerald novel. I didn't know there was a palace this grand in the United States, much less Indiana. Everything from the chargers to the wedding flutes were pure silver. I was afraid to lift the flute for the toast.

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