Candle to Candle

Thursday 7 March 2013 0 responses

How many times have you asked yourself what you wish you would have done with your life? How many times was your answer "I'd do everything the same?" If you are like many of us the answer to the first question is "Several." The answer to the second question is "Never." Hopefully, you will accept that I am not asking these questions having to do with anything financial. I am asking you to probe deeply into who you are and what it is you might have done to feel the the most satisfaction out of your life. Is there a role model that you, yourself would like to have emulated more closely? Is there a certain profession you wish you would have pursued? These aren't always finger tip answers. They require some real self assessment and evaluation. You may very well be content with your life. I am not reproaching who you are. I am simply suggesting that you have an opportunity to remind yourself of what makes you feel happy and complete. For all I know you are and if you aren't, this may send you in a direction that will cause you to be. We all need to examine ourselves. Sometimes we get so caught up in judging others that we neglect to size up ourselves. Think back to a time when you really felt like the world was your oyster. Maybe it was when your first child was born. Maybe it was that unity candle ceremony when you and your wife were observing the flame of one candle joining the flame of the other causing you to be full of hope and excitement. I'm asking you to get in touch with those feelings and mentally caress them. Believe it or not they are still accessible. Ask yourself if you really want to leave this world with that "bucket" still filled to the brim. Ask your family if there is a void that you could fill. Trust me. I am telling all of this to myself as I relate it to you. I too need to do some re-evaluating and get a few ducks in order. Our time here is a mere flash in the eyes of eternity. To waste even one minute of it would be a great injustice. I truly feel that it is not too late to change for the better. There are many reasons to embrace this gift of life we were given. The blessing of free will that accompanies it is not to be taken for granted. It is our responsibility to do the most we possibly could with it.

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