Simple Centerpieces

Friday 22 March 2013 0 responses

Few things grasp my interest at weddings like the wedding centerpieces. It really feels special to be sitting at a table chatting with friends and family and just having a great time. I will say that I appreciate the simpler type of centerpiece where I don't have to stand up to have a conversation with someone directly across the table from me. Very often people overdo it with gigantic arrangements that make you feel like you are in a duck blind or a jungle. My niece recently had simple bowls of floating blooms as centerpieces and they stuck me as being the perfect selection. As a matter of fact, her understated good taste was reflected in the entire reception. I never felt more comfortable and relaxed at a wedding reception. I must say, I really expected nothing less from this charming and sophisticated young woman. When I expressed my thoughts to my wife she said "Of course, she's from my side of the family." I know she was jesting, but the truth is if you knew my side of the family, you'd wholeheartedly agree with my Mrs. I can only hope that any future weddings that come up will result in the same level of enjoyment. My wife said it would only be possible if the wedding were once again on her side of the family. This time she wasn't jesting.

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