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In everyone's life, there comes a time to drop all the pretenses and charades. It is a time to strip away the protection and let the real you be exposed and drop the fear of letting all know who and what you are. I can think of no better time to let this happen than during the performance of a unity ceremony. It would be wonderful if we could all allow this to be a permanent state as opposed to only when there is a profound calling for it. I could only imagine what the world would be like if we all acted exactly like the real people we really are. I lost my sister when she was only 34 years old. She was one of those pure-hearted non-restricted people. Not only was she 100% proud of who she was, she also accepted others for exactly who they were. I could never express in words how badly I miss her. The world was a much better place with her in it. The greatest compliment I have ever received in my life is when one of her friends said that I reminded him of her. Please don't confuse this with my advocating being one of those people that is so outspoken that they feel they have the right to be as critical as they wish whether or not their words may hurt someone. I am advocating the kinder softer side that is in all of us. In relation to the unity ceremony, I would like to comment that the opening of your spirit and giving it the power to become one with the one you love is a rare and beautiful blessing.

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