Days of Wine and Flowers

Wednesday 20 March 2013 0 responses

Finally, following three consecutive years of skipping my vacations, I decided to throw caution to the wind and treat myself to a full month getaway. I was actually craving the sun. Combine the sun with ocean breezes and I'm in. I booked my air travel and hotel room at a wonderful resort in Central America. Counting the days until I left was excruciating. The night before I left was entirely sleepless. I figured I could sleep on the plane. It didn't happen. Upon arrival at the resort, the driveway to the entrance hit me like Mother Nature was absolutely showing off. As I and this young couple sharing my shuttle entered the great reception room, we were handed a luscious cocktail. I could feel my body transforming into a mellow state. I immediately befriended the couple who were, incidentally, there for their destination wedding. We arrived on a Friday and the wedding was planned for Sunday. The next day, they invited me to their wedding. I was more than happy to accept. That afternoon I wandered off into the nearby village and became more and more impressed by the floral display in every direction. I couldn't name many of the flowers but I knew what I would get the couple for a gift. I remember them being equally enamored by the flowers when we arrived. I bought, possibly, the most beautiful floral arrangement ever and had it sent to their suite. They loved it almost as much as I loved the wine wedding favors they gave out at the reception.

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