The Furniture Business

Thursday 28 March 2013 0 responses

When I grew up my closest friend and schoolmate was Donald Wright. Donnie was the fifth child of Maria and Thomas Wright. They were known in the community as the King and Queen of beds. They got these titles by selling bedroom furniture from their Main Street store. Thomas started the business in the 80's with his brother Donald and soon they were appropriately tagged the "Wright Brothers." Ironically, neither one had ever been on plane. Maria on the other hand was previously a member of a traveling air circus. There are numerous stories of how they met. More than likely, none of them are true. She replaced her brother-in-law Donald when he was forced to retire at a young age by a debilitating illness. Donnie had to work at the store on weekends and even after school at times. I used to go over to the store and have lunch with him on Saturdays. One day, I noticed his dad poring over the books and I didn't see any computers in the office. I couldn't believe that they were still a pen and pencil operation. I plotted with Donnie to set them up with a computer. We gave them lessons on Saturdays and before they could even believe it themselves, they were actually literate with the furniture retail software they had installed. They called my parents and said we could have free mattresses for life.

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