The Event

Saturday 23 March 2013 0 responses

In everyone's life there comes a time where something pivotal can have a profound effect on the rest of your career. This was the case in my life when my company CEO called me in and told me that he was putting me in control of our trade show events. In particular, the biggest event in the company's history was a short six weeks away. He gave me a copy of the plan and shook my hand. After changing my sweat laden shirt, I went to work. I never felt this nervous in my life. This was the kind of opportunity you dream about. The one that could define who you are and how valuable you could be to the company. It's the type of responsibility that has you shaking in your boots. All I could do was to do my best. I set out pumping myself up and having endless conversations with myself. The work pile appeared to be impossible, but I had to force myself to think otherwise. I knew I had to get some good people under me and I was happy to know that the CEO trusted me with using all the company's resources. At this point, I went to IT and asked them to research different event management software for my project. Within two days, they assured me that the finest software available for me was from Event Ready. I wasted no time procuring it. Believe me, if it weren't for this software, I would have been sent back down to the mail room. The event was a huge success and the best part is that there is now a VP after my name on my office door.

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