Chloe's Favors

Friday 22 March 2013 0 responses

I take one glance at my granddaughter and I am immediately in touch with that warm part of my heart that is more capable of joy than anything else on Earth. She simply provokes this special feeling in just about anyone in her presence. When you combine her sweet essence with her magnetic charm, you are totally at her mercy. The beautiful thing is that she feels this gift, this power and she never abuses it. She is an emotional giant and it is actually enhanced by her diminutive size. Her small frame makes her all the more attractive. If I sound like a doting grandpa, excuse me, there's no controlling it. Last month my wife and I watched as Chloe walked down the aisle with the love of her life Michael. They looked so ethereal they appeared to be emanations. Later at the reception she went wild with excitement when she saw the wedding centerpieces her grandma and I gave her for her wedding. Each beautiful floral arrangement had a likeness of her and her new husband dancing in the center of the piece. I can't recall ever having such a wonderful time in all my 70 years. Just having some part in bringing such a person into the world is more than enough to make me feel like my purpose here on Earth is worthwhile. The dancers will also serve as her wedding favors.

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