Marketing Opportunities For Athletes

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 0 responses

As the world becomes more and more specialized, we must all cover our backs by dealing with only the most reputable of people. For every honest and decent person out there, there is one that might not be. I am just preaching caution. There is special concern in the area of sport marketing. All too often an aspiring young athlete can be taken in by some Johnny-Come-Lately, unscrupulous individual that presents himself as the next Jerry McGuire. The athlete can unknowingly be signing away a huge portion of his or her future earnings. There are people and places out there for these kids to contact and get advice from before any damage is done. This also holds seriously true for the entertainment industry. In my mind, the two are very much the same. Sports are a huge platform for entertainment. The courts are inundated with contractual cases involving swindled athletes and performing artists. I must make clear that in no way am I an official source on these matters. I simply hate when especially young innocent people are abused. If you are one of the people I am discussing, please get online or contact someone you trust to find out what protection is out there for you.

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