All About a Wedding

Saturday, 9 March 2013 0 responses

Here we are in March already. The horns and whistles of the New Year's celebration have barely left my head and before I knew it, I was writing the date with a 3. My father warned me that as I got older, time would have its way of flying by. When I was a teenager, time was my enemy. I would either be impatiently awaiting for that driver's license or for that bell to ring that would let me out of school. This supports my argument that nature has it all wrong. Time should be slowing down during the later years of our lives, not when we are young and desperately begging for it to move on. I bring up the month of March because it is in this month that the preparation for the June weddings go into full swing. To my 22 year old daughter, the time is dragging and she absolutely is pacing the floor impatiently longing for her day in June to arrive. On the other hand, her mother and I are frantically wanting the time to slow down because of all that has to be done. Our daughter, Danny, was one of those little girls that walked around the house with a wedding veil on for years. She has played wedding so many times, we have about ten reels of film with her as a bride. We are lucky that she waited until the ripe old age of 22 to actually get married. In the meantime her fiancee, Jeff, probably would have liked to wait until his career was more established. But, he knew if he asked her to wait any longer, he would have to trash those wedding favors his grandmother made for him to give away at his wedding. The fact that Danny is so impatient and restless doesn't in any way mean that she is exactly helpful in planning the wedding. After getting the fitting for her gown, she went into wait and see mode. That is wait and see her mom and me take care of everything else. I watch my wife on the phone and out running errands and it is really beginning to bother me. I do have to take some responsibility for spoiling our little girl, but enough is enough. I feel a tad guilty when my wife gives me one of those "I told you so" looks. The truth is when you have an only child there is a real tendency to do a little (actually a lot) too much for them. I wonder if she'll become more responsible when she is out there with Jeff and away from our home.

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