Special Favors

Sunday 24 March 2013 0 responses

Back in the 60's my friends and I always chipped in and had a storefront (as we called them back east) for a clubhouse. We had very strict rules for its use. We knew that our parents had a few spies in the neighborhood and we would be found out if we were doing anything our parents wouldn't approve of. One day we found these boxes in the dumpster in the alley behind our club. We opened one and it had a beautiful wedding gown in it. This enticed us to open the others. One was full of things like tiaras and wedding garters. Then we saw one marked "Special Wedding Favors." We got excited because we figured this box could be worth a lot of money. One of the guys stopped and said "Maybe we should tell one of our parents about this. These things might have been discarded by mistake." We couldn't argue with his concern so we told my parents. Coincidentally, my mom's sister lived in the same building our club was in. My mother took one look at the stuff and immediately knew they were from my aunt's wedding. She called her and met her there. She had no idea how the boxes got into the dumpster. She couldn't stop thanking me and my friends for finding them. I guess we'll never know who put them there. My dad thinks my uncle had something to do with it.

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