Buried favors

Sunday 17 March 2013 0 responses

If there is one thing you can count on Jerry for it is that you always know he will go outside the box at every opportunity. For this reason, I was absolutely certain that something weird would happen when he announced his wedding with Connie would be at the beach. To my surprise, everything was going along in a normal fashion. The wedding ceremony was by-the-book. The flowers seemed normal. Connie was in a beautiful, stark white gown. I began to think we were all in for a perfectly common affair. When Jerry's brother backed his pick up onto the sand, I felt a touch of the old boy in the air. Sure enough, Tommy unloaded about 50 shovels and Jerry told all the guys that we had to dig to find our beach wedding favors. You could see that familiar glow in his eyes as we all rolled up our pants and removed our shoes and socks. He further enticed us by telling us that one of the gifts was very valuable. But we each had to quit as soon as we unearthed one gift. Before you knew it, the girls were grabbing for shovels and all mayhem broke out. The laughter became deafening. Keep in mind, the treasure hunt started long after everyone had more than their share of champagne. Downtown at police headquarters, we had a hard time explaining the holes at the beach. By the way, there were no favors.

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