Entering Unity

Saturday 23 March 2013 0 responses

When you are planning a wedding, everything that has to be done is merely a task on a list. You have little time or opportunity to assess each and every item. If you are diligent and have tons of energy and patience, it will get done. I would imagine people start with booking the church and reception hall. Obviously all else has to be coordinated with that date. Probably the invitations are next. This would be followed by the flowers, the cake, the food and so on. When I look back (way back) at my wedding, I remember my wife and her sisters taking care of just about everything. My responsibility was the church and reception hall. I obviously was done with my part very early on. As I watched and heard the progress the girls were making, I thought that there might be something I could do beyond the two bookings. It was then that I read about this new idea called a unity ceremony. Surely, the wedding itself was uniting me with my bride. But having a ceremony to symbolize unity and reinforce it visually sounded like something I knew she would appreciate and love as I would. I didn't tell her or her sisters about it. They found out as it was happening. They all wept and kept thanking me for the pleasant surprise throughout the evening.

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