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Wednesday, 28 May 2008 1 responses


Robert Bourne's Storefront

From The Road
This book is a collection of verse that sprung my life on the road as a longhaul truck driver..There are many long days and weeks alone in this occupation. This is how I passed the time and dealt with the loneliness

Buy Now @

Big Congratulations Robert on the publication of your book !!!!!

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Saturday, 24 May 2008 1 responses

PoeARTica - HoME oF The Southern Cross Award

Top Artists' Directory

Check out my new RSS icon (top right sidebar) created by the very clever and talented Emila at Emila's Illustrated Blog
Emila has already designed some gorgeous dollies for Marzie, Jean, LJ, and Bingolady as well as my other blogs laketrees and the Top Artists' Directory.

If you fancy having your very own RSS Dolly created by Emila, you can do so for only 500EC credits!
Just leave a comment at her blog.
Special thanks to Marzie who came up with the dolly-for-EC credits idea.
NB: To get EC credit, you need to be an EntreCard member. You can signup HERE. You need a 125 x 125 px banner to be able to drop your card and earn EC credits soon as you are registered.

thanks to
RhodesTer and

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