Management of Events

Saturday 30 March 2013 0 responses

My city has a convention hall that is a mere 2 miles from my home. I often go their to see what is happening in the world of business. Many new ideas and products are first exposed to the public by way of these exhibits. I have been there so often that I no long have to pay for my entrance. The staff there assumes I am part of the establishment. I do get an ID badge so I look the part. Recently I approached the manager's desk and inquired about the process of running one of these shows. The gracious young lady at the desk told be that there is a ton more work to putting the exhibit on than meets the eye. She went on and on about the difficulty in coordinating all the different aspects involved. I had no idea how involved the process was. She said if it weren't for the fabulous and efficient event management software available today it would take three times the effort to pull it off. She said when she was apprenticing in the business only a few short years ago, people were putting in 15 hour days to accomplish what they do in 8 or 9 hour days today. This is especially nice since her team is on salary and not an hourly wage.

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