Centerpices and All

Monday 4 March 2013 0 responses

I never thought I would be involved in something so treacherous. I always thought these things could only happen on TV and they would never threaten my neck of the woods. The fact is these things do happen and they happen to people like you and me every day all over the world. It was a normal wedding reception at our local Elk Lodge. The tables were set with beautiful wedding centerpieces and dinnerware. Josephine and Will were dating for many years and no one expected them to actually get married. The story was that Will had a few too many one night and popped the question. The funny part was that Josephine said no and thought that would be the end of it. The "NO" got to Will and he persisted. So, there we were having a great time when one of the guests fell over someone on the dance floor while smoking a cigar. He got up and apologized and went on his way. A few minutes later there were screams of FIRE! FIRE! throughout the room. It was about ten degrees outside and the cloak room was obstructed by flames. Everyone was running out into the cold and screaming. The firemen showed up and we all were given blankets and didn't want to leave until we knew everyone was safe. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I kept looking for this little five year old boy that I remember running around the place having a ball. When I didn't see him in the crowd outside I panicked and ran back in. It was then I saw him huddled over what turned out to be his mom. She was struck by something from overhead and subsequently didn't make it. She was the only fatality, but there were quite a few others who were injured. The little guy was taken to safety and was holding on to one of the wedding centerpieces that his mom was planning to take home. My heart is still aching for him and his mom. I was told he was now living with his aunt and uncle since his dad left them when the tyke was only two.

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