Software To The Rescue

Tuesday 9 April 2013 0 responses

My wife and I received a note from our son who moved to Nashville three months ago to pursue a career with a talent agency in that fair city. Things were moving along a bit slowly until we received this letter. He claimed he was given a golden opportunity to run the publicity event division for this major recording studio. Three weeks later another letter arrived. It didn't sound like our Richard. It was full of negativity and insecurity. Richard was a naturally confident boy and he was the only one of out four children that we were sure would always be capable and happy. It turned out that the problem he was having was that his new position was draining him. His mom got him on the phone one Sunday morning and told him she was concerned about his lack of sleep and he could come home anytime he wished. She assured him that his health and well being were far more valuable to himself as well as us than any job could ever be. He said he loved the work but there just wasn't enough time in a day to do it well. I got on the phone and asked him to describe the job. He was managing the events for some heavy-duty stars. I fortunately had just read about EventReady and their super event management software product. After I told him about it, he took me up on my suggestion and procured it. Two weeks later, we got our old Richard back, full of confidence.

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