Proficient Agency

Tuesday 16 April 2013 0 responses

Before the van picks you up or your son-in-law drives you to the airport. Before the weak airport coffee, there is the most important part of your journey. That is booking your flight. It has been said repeatedly that some of the poorest and user-adverse websites are those of many of the major airlines. The back and forth and the run around steps of attempting to get a time, a price and a proper destination can at time become a reason alone to forgo traveling at all. In this day and age of super competitive commerce, it should be a major priority of airlines to simplify and customize their online services to be user-friendly and virtually mistake-proof. In other words the digital agency must be as close to perfection as humanly possible. To have a better understanding of what they should all be shooting for in website development and foolproof navigation, they should all visit the Emirates Airline site and receive a valuable education. It won't be the first time that the adage "Less is more" has been proven. It is about time an entity has taken the initiative to set the bar at a height that is competent enough tom take the hassle out of air travel.

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