Saturday 6 April 2013 0 responses

Work, work, work was the theme of my life. I have been looking at my fingers on the keyboard for far too many months without a break in the action. I sometimes think the computer screen is my the only thing other than my fingers that exists. I walk around like an upside down letter "L". My back has the flexibility of an oak tree. On the rare occasion I do get up from my chair, I spend most of my time looking at the floor. Then this opportunity came along to actually free myself of the work and go on a pleasure trip to my beloved Canada. I remember Canada from a trip as a child in the 60's. I had illusions of skiing in Banff and visiting the gardens of Victoria. What actually happened was in my attempt to put on a pair of ski boots, I toppled over and slid down a hill. Now instead of enjoying the great outdoors, I wound up getting acupuncture in Edmonton. They shipped me there in the back of a funeral hearse because I couldn't feel my legs or bend anything. There I was lying fully stretched out on my back visualizing what was surely yet to come. The only things missing were the flowers and my death certificate. Now I am back to the grind. I must say those needles worked wonders. I can now experience feeling in my legs again.

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