Beach Weddings

Sunday 21 April 2013 0 responses

Many young people today are of the opinion that beach weddings are the epitome of romance. Being, unfortunately, a tad older than these youthful romantics, I find my position on the subject to be quite the opposite. I see very little romance in the fact that the entire affair would be dependent on the weather conditions. The what ifs offer a preponderance of doubts. I would never find the courage to play the odds of the looming possibility of getting rained out or even worse winded out. Even tenting the reception would be a poor defense against the wind. Certainly there have been many successful attempts at this type of wedding, but there also are approximately 100 lottery winners every week in this country. The fact is, I have been around far to long to depend on luck. Possibly my view would be different back when my courage was at a far higher level. These thoughts have all arisen since the day our son and his fiancee announced to my wife and myself that they needed help selecting beach wedding favors for their soon to arrive nuptials at their destination wedding in Maui. I think they approached us because they have possibly bit off a bit more than they can chew with all the expenses involved in this destination thing. In other words, we'll be buying the favors.

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