Picking a Ceremony

Wednesday 24 April 2013 0 responses

Jennifer and Marty are the kind of couple that were probably descendants of Army barracks NCO's. They are what I would refer to as "White Glove" people. Everything they participate in must undergo a thorough inspection.It took them 18 months to select their reception hall for their wedding. They underwent a year-long investigation choosing their wedding cake. My sister, who was the maid-of-honor was interrogated for three hours. Some bridal party members were rejected because they were NY Yankee fans (a real NO-NO in Boston). Speaking about their home town of Boston, these two would probably have found objection to the time of Paul Revere's ride and rescheduled it.I can't imagine the trials and tribulations they went through deciding between the sand and the candles for their unity ceremony. I could see them in the kitchen during the reception, tasting each item before it was served. My sister thinks they had an FBI agent, who is a friend of theirs, do a background check on each of the band members. When they had their blood tests for their wedding license, they had DNA tests done on themselves. Imagine what their poor children are going to have to endure.

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