A Beautiful Ceremony

Sunday 7 April 2013 0 responses

Few things in life are as ethereal and emotional as the unity ceremonies being performed all over the world these days. I just love when people drop their shields and let their hearts dictate their actions. I can't remember one Saturday that our local chapel hasn't had either a communion or a wedding or any other ceremony going on. Most often it is a wedding occurring on Saturdays. I pop in whenever I am passing by to watch these beautiful and satisfying events. Last week, this happy looking young couple were in the midst of their sand ceremony when I opened the big heavy oak doors and peered in. The pastor brought attention to my presence and vocally invited me in. He said "You are always a welcome guest." I never realized that I was being noticed. Somehow I felt this warmth come over me and I knew I truly was welcomed and appreciated it with all my heart. I wished that these types of unity ceremonies were available for my wife and I when we wed. Then it struck me! Why not schedule one and surprise her on our 25th anniversary? I waited around after the service and set it up with the pastor. Now I have to wait four long months before it actually happens.

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