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Friday 3 October 2008 7 responses

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‘The prince of online poetry magazines is Jacket, run from Australia by the poet John Tranter.... The design is beautiful, the contents awesomely voluminous, the slant international modernist and experimental.’

― Peter Forbes, Guardian (UK)

John recently featured one of my Kurri Kurri murals in a recent book review at:
Jacket 36 - Late 2008 - Greg McLaren: «The Kurri-Kurri Book of the Dead» reviewed by Nick Riemer

many thanks John

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  • Mariuca 9.10.08

    YAY! Poeartica looks simply splendid in pink, way to go Kim! Think I'm gonna enjoy my visits here even more this month, go Pink! :)

  • Kim 9.10.08

    and now I'm redoing my TAD blog...
    phew...I think I might just leave PoeARTica pink !!! hehe...
    thanks for the compliment (coming from the QUEEN of pink ;)..that's REALLY something :D)

  • Mariuca 9.10.08

    He he!! That's a great idea Kim! Then u can join MPG being pink all year round! ;)

  • Mariuca 9.10.08

    Uh oh again, I didn't get a confirmation for my comment here, hope the one I just left for u got through anyway! ;0

  • Kim 10.10.08

    I got it Mariuca ..
    I'm getting very used to the new pinks lol..
    I've been spring cleaning like mad as I have guests coming for lunch today :)
    I'm off to get some shut eye now as it is nearly 1am :0

  • Mariuca 10.10.08

    Kim, are those the lunch pics u posted at Laketrees? If that's ur home, the view is lovely! I wanna go to Sydney one day he he! :)

  • Kim 10.10.08

    yes Mariuca...
    we live just north of Sydney on a narrow strip of land between the ocean and the lake...wowee...you could come and visit if you came to Sydney..hehe