The amazing Art of Bernard Buffet

Friday 31 October 2008 16 responses

( 1928 - 1999 )

Affiche de l'exposition "La mort"
Galerie Maurice Garnier (2000)

"Painting, we do not talk about it,
we do not analyse it,
we feel it."

Bernard Buffet

" Entered in painting as we got in religion,
he found a land of refuge, his workshop.
What from anxiety or serenity will keep him compagny ?
Again, a useless questions ...
We always talk too much "

Annabel Buffet - 1984

Source: Bernard Buffet

16 responses: to “ The amazing Art of Bernard Buffet so far...

  • S. A. Hart 31.10.08

    Interesting illustration. Thanks for introducing me to this artist.

  • Kim 31.10.08

    hi Sharon..
    I cannot take the credit here...
    it was my friend Jan the Poet who introduced me to this amazing Artist :)

  • Anonymous 31.10.08

    There are some paintings that looks simple but yet it's very valuable. That is why art works are not meant to analyze but to feel its mood

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  • Kim 31.10.08

    very true Bobby...
    a lot of people think that art needs to be explained ...
    it should be enjoyed for its visual presence :)

  • Jackie 1.11.08

    I have always enjoyed art a little on the dark side. Which is definitely hard to tell by the subjects I choose to shoot.

    But, edgy and/or Gothic has always been of great interest to me.

    This is fabulous!!

  • Kim 1.11.08

    hi Jackie...
    yes fascinating work isn't it...
    maybe it's your other side calling out to you ....I think a lot of artists feel tempted to lash out and paint their inner selves which was obviously the case with Bernard Buffet...
    his clowns would appeal to you too Jackie :)

  • ESCUDERO 1.11.08

    Love that piece! Take care

  • Anonymous 1.11.08

    I love his art...

    Take a look at one of his paintings

  • Kim 1.11.08

    it reminds me of your work Veronica...
    but I like yours more ;)
    have a great day :))

    thanks for the link Shon...
    incredible SP ...
    so revealing...I'm a huge fan ..thanks to my friend the poet who inroduced me to his work :)

  • Mariuca 2.11.08

    Oh congrats to Boyd!! I wonder when it will be my avatar at ur TC he he! ;)

  • Anonymous 2.11.08

    Very spooky for Halloween!
    As a fan of calligraphy - I love his signature - matches the mood of the painting!

  • Kim 2.11.08

    hehe Mariuca..
    I have a feeling it won't be long....:)
    have a lovely Sunday :)

    did you check out his signature page Diane?
    absolutely incredible...he has so many different ones..
    I was really taken with his signature too...very spooky!!

  • Mariuca 2.11.08

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Kim. It's a nice Sunday afternoon here, so am tying up some loose ends before the new week. Hugs! :)

  • Kim 2.11.08

    hugs to you too Mariuca....
    have a lovely evening :)
    gosh the week has gone fast....
    eek I just noticed the colour of my comment boxes ..will have to change those to match the new look :0

  • ♥ Braja 17.11.08

    Kim, I read on your bio that you liked Babette's Feast...I saw that movie perhaps 15 yrs ago (could it be that long?!) and remember every detail of it; something else in common :)

  • Kim 18.11.08

    thanks for calling by Braja
    I think I've watched Babette's feast about 3 times and I remember all of the details too lol...
    amazing film wasn't it !!!
    I could watch it again :)