Make Poverty History

Wednesday 15 October 2008 2 responses

African American Flood Victims Lined Up to Get Food and Clothing From Red Cross Relief Station by Margaret Bourke-White
African American Flood Victims Lined Up to Get Food and Clothing From Red Cross Relief Station
From the archives of LIFE magazine

Make Poverty History

Poverty, a word, A cause
A journey with no applause

So many speak, too few listen
Pound in the tin, Conscience in pocket

A cudgel taken up on my behalf
They take my voice, Ignore my words

Level the scales balance the need
Enough for everyone No time for greed

The latest dance, do you hear the rhythm?
Do you know the rhyme?

Words that explode, none of them are mine
Poverty to History, Injustice will not confine

Make poverty History’ sounds so divine
If it sooths your conscience, fine

I should be grateful shouldn’t I?
Not raise questions, but learn to die

Sweet charity, Blind Indifference
Do you know me, Can you see me
Will you hear me

Adrian Wait
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Sarah Marland is campaign manager at Amnesty International Australia.
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