Australian Writers in the Top 100 books of all time

Sunday 12 October 2008 3 responses

More than 26,000 votes from the public were received for the poll - the fifth such poll - which features a diverse list of books, including 22 Australian titles.

'Shocked' … Australian author Markus Zusak with the numerous translations of his international bestseller The Book Thief , which reached No.7 on the popularly voted list.
Photo: Helen Nezdropa

Book Thief author steals top 10 spot

HE HAS topped The New York Times bestseller list and now author Markus Zusak has made his debut in an Australian top 10.
He joins fellow Australian authors Tim Winton and Isobelle Carmody in the top 10,

Top 100 books of all time

3 responses: to “ Australian Writers in the Top 100 books of all time so far...

  • Mariuca 12.10.08

    Kim! Thanks for stopping by MPG, happy Sunday to u too! I'm officially back to work tomo after that very long break! ;)

  • Kim 12.10.08

    hello Mariuca..
    have a lovely start to your week tomorrow...
    lol..I am one day ahead of myself...
    I thought yesterday was Sunday :)

  • Anonymous 20.10.08

    Great to see some Aussies winning in a literary competition, good on ya guy's.