Thursday, 15 November 2007 5 responses

Image - courtesy of Ærchie

Softly out of focus,

the colour

of lipsticked kisses

brings back memories

from the past

renewing old longings

through old eyes

and floral scents

reviving ancient urges.

© Ærchie

I've had more than six decades on Earth as a Western Australian and
played cricket for more than four of those decades. No profession but a
range of occupations and am now a trainee retiree doing a little
teaching. Technically separated with three children and seven
grandchildren, I am an addicted genealogist with a special interest in
social history. Reading voraciously (currently favouring what I call
"Celtic Fantasy") I have, for the past five years, rarely had a camera
out of reach. I write soppy love poems and extremely filthy limericks. I
blog incessantly as a way of learning the discipline of writing. I have
been Ærchie since shortly after finding the internet a decade ago
because I am bored with my common, given name. Oh, and I pun a lot -
love this language with which we are blessed.


Boyd Diane Lynda

5 responses: to “ Lipstick so far...

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    Beautiful photo and wonderful words as well.

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    What a colour! I would like a lipstick that colour please :)

    Very tender poem too - I liked it a lot.

  • Kim 16.11.07

    I agree Boyd....
    Archie's poems are excellent....
    I knew you would appreciate the rose (being a photographer yourself)...
    thanks for dropping by :)

    me too Diane !
    it's a very luscious colour isn't it?

    Archie's poem struck a chord with me has delicacy and beauty just like the rose :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 16.11.07

    Wonderful photo and words to go with it! I guess none of us ever get over our nostalgia and ancient longings...

  • Kim 16.11.07

    so true Lynda...
    to be transported into the past with words is a lovely way to travel down memory road :)