Birthday Greeting for three terrific gals !!!!!

Saturday 3 November 2007 7 responses

to ....Lisa and Pearl who have celebrated their birthdays recently and to Diane who is celebrating her birthday this weekend......

may all your dreams come true !!!!!!!!


7 responses: to “ Birthday Greeting for three terrific gals !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 3.11.07

    Thank you so much, Kim! I have lots of dreams so it's a big wish!

    I am working on my birthday/100th post book now - may even make two as it's a double celebration!

    Have a good weekend


  • Anonymous 3.11.07

    PS Hope the other two had great birthdays too! Are we all Scorpios then?


  • Kim 3.11.07

    I'd say that would be a good guess Diane......I think you are all Scorpios...
    looking forward to seeing your 100th post !!!!!

  • Anonymous 4.11.07

    Happy birthday ladies.

  • Kim 4.11.07

    thanks for dropping by Boyd :)

    very thoughtful of you :)

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    aww thank you so much my Queen, that is really nice of you...

    yayy for all scorpios :)

    thanks Diane, hope you had a wonderful birthday too... will be looking forward to that 100th post too...

    thanks Boyd... :)

  • Kim 5.11.07

    haha Pearl
    so you are a Scorpio too....
    now I wonder if Lisa is one too !!!
    have a terrific day :)