Art as Investment

Thursday 8 November 2007 7 responses

It seems to me that investing in Fine Art is still a very profitable business........
Here are some of the stories making the news recently.....

Hugh ditches Liz as art world holds its breath
A s the autumn round of art auctions gets underway in New York, none will be so closely studied for clues to the direction of the market as Christie's carefully curated Faces in Art - Iconic Portraiture on November 13.... more

Warhol's Taylor to sell for $25m... more

Hugh Grant set to make £15m from the sale of his 'other Elizabeth'
The last time Hugh Grant parted with a girl called Liz, some speculated that the damage to his reputation could cost him millions.... more

The Ming Dynasty painting, Red Cliff Handscroll, by Qiu Ying
(Reuters: China Daily)

Ming painting sells for record $11.5 million....... more

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  • Anonymous 9.11.07

    I have collected a lot of art over the years. Mostly local artists who I know, and always work that I like. I never look upon it as an investment though I would be telling lies if I said I wouldn't like it if it did go up in value :)

    I worked in an art gallery for 18 months and I don't think that the investment potential was ever uppermost in a prospective buyers mind... on the whole they bought a painting because they had fallen in love with it.

    Of course with established, well known artists, it's a different story and when the price tags are in the millions, I suppose a whole new set of criteria come into play but I know that if I really loved a painting I would never be able to part with it... :)

  • Kim 9.11.07

    I agree Diane ...
    most people buy art because they love it...whether the artist is famous or not....I know I have bought quite a lot of pottery because I have simply fallen in love with it....

    I have an original Dobell sketch....which unfortunately is fading....I wouldn't part with it though because it has a lot of history behind it.....

  • Anonymous 10.11.07

    My most precious painting is one done by the film maker Derek Jarman. I love it and I made sure I got custody of it when I split with my ex :)

    That and the boys... :)

  • Anonymous 10.11.07

    Art world is an amazing world. One man in Nevada is set to spend $300,000,000 by himself this year!

    Howard Terpning a living artist is getting over $1,000,000 a pop!

    A great investment oppurtunity where I'm from is Daud's son's work as it is phenomenal at his young age and is set to rise quickly to his dad's level.

    Is this painting your's?

    Western Art is the buzz here in the U.S. putting down Civil War Art and Wildlife Art and seems to only be strengthening.

    Great article Kim.

  • Kim 10.11.07

    "I made sure I got custody"

    haha Diane ...obviously your acquired art mean a lot to you.... :D

    hi Boyd ...
    I wish this painting was mine !!!!
    this is the Andy Warhol print of Elizabeth Taylor ....that's predicted to sell for $35 million....I take that as a grand compliment :D

    wow that's an awful lot of money to spend.....still I suppose if paintings are selling at $35 million a pop.....then you would need that much...

    I will check out Howard Terpning and Duad's son that you mentioned....
    have a great weekend :)

  • KellytheCulinarian 10.11.07

    Good post, really interesting. I think art investing says something about the character of the investor as well -- some want something concrete and a "sure thing" whereas others are willing to risk a bit and have a beautiful piece of art to look at in the meantime.

  • Kim 10.11.07

    hi Kelly
    there are two types of buyers IMO...
    the ones who buy art with their heads and the ones who buy with their hearts :)
    thanks for dropping by :)