The family book club

Monday 12 November 2007 7 responses

The book Club
Wall Poster
Ira McCully

A handful of women
sitting around the table
sipping tea
discussing books

wise women
bearing ideas as well as children
dispensing wisdom
aiding each other

from thirty to seventy
not a sarcastic voice
no testerone needed here
so much caring and admiration

the current book is discussed for moments
but love and solidarity is theirs forever
mostly descended from a mutual grandmother
but enhanced by overwhelming respect

solving problems
no petty jealousies
just delight in individual strengths
dynamic women

sitting around the table
sipping tea
discussing books
saving the world

© Maureen Vellucci

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I am a wife of a cranky hubby..mother of two sons and grandmother of three perfect grandchildren...I wish I could master this blogging to read...and make new friends..visit anytime...and if you can teach me would be wonderful..Maun

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7 responses: to “ The family book club so far...

  • Anonymous 12.11.07

    All too often people don't enjoy talking about this sublime pleasure of reading that we have. Nice poem.

  • Kim 12.11.07

    Very true Boyd....
    Maureen's poem is a lovely snippet of time spent indulging in the "pleasure of reading" (as you say) ... as well as a wonderful picture of family solidarity and respect...
    thanks for your interest Boyd :)

  • Anonymous 13.11.07

    Thanks Kim for your insight as well.

  • Lynda Lehmann 13.11.07

    I love the idea expressed here, of women in a cooperative spirit, learning together and saving the world. I think if anyone can do it, it's the female segment of the population. No offense, guys. :-)

  • Kim 13.11.07

    you're welcome Boyd :)

    haha Lynda
    so true !!!!
    I do believe that if women and a few good men ruled the world then we wouldn't have any wars :)
    thanks for dropping by...

    happy painting to you both :)

  • KellytheCulinarian 14.11.07

    Cool, I like it. It's true, especially after kids get taught in school that everything in a novel has a deeper meaning, they start to lose interest. So sad.

  • Kim 14.11.07

    I agree Kelly....
    books and writing need not be analysed ...just enjoyed.... rather like good paintings and good food :)
    thanks for dropping by :)