I nEEd a tiTLE

Friday 10 August 2007 7 responses

Your eyes so sage have smiled

for five fitfully full years

half a decade

just a glance away

a bar length away


at the corners

smirking scotch fully

I drank it then

Your teddy bear hugs

hide me

from myopic men

who leer too long


I feel safe

with your friendship

7 responses: to “ I nEEd a tiTLE so far...

  • Anonymous 11.8.07

    Hmmmm... 'The Bartender'

    Eh, well okay, maybe I need another drink...


  • Kim 11.8.07

    haha Anna
    I like this title a lot !!!!!very fitting for the background to this poem .... the setting was a pub :)

  • Anonymous 14.8.07

    It is such a hard thing to name a creation of someone else's but they are beautiful words that hold endless thought within them. Perhaps... 'The Friend Within'

  • Kim 14.8.07

    I know what you mean Boyd.....
    your title illuminates the reflective nature of this poem.....thank you :)

  • Anonymous 22.8.07

    The Bartender do sound good... I'll agree on that

  • Kim 22.8.07

    hi Edrei
    nice to meet you and...
    thanks for your comment :-)

  • frida kahlo 2.3.11

    your are creatif. can mixed collection become one.